Our Services Overview

An overview of our Criminal Defence Services

Advice can be accessed on all areas of Criminal Law. We can advise you on your eligibility for FREE legal advice if you are on a Passported benefit or on a low income. We can provide representation on a Private basis and we will give you an estimate as to our costs. We offer representation at the Police Station, Magistrates Court, Crown and High Court and Youth Court. We also can provide advice to you in the office on a wide range of areas mentioned below.

Assault Charges

Accused of an Assault?

An assault, in law, is any attack or act which is intended to cause injury, whether or not it actually does. Even if the act only causes the victim to fear some bodily harm, that is sufficient in law for the charge to be made out.

Motoring Offences

Accused of a Motoring Offence?

We understand how important your driving licence is. Being convicted of a driving offence is potentially a life changing matter. We have a vast amount of experience in successfully defending individuals who are facing these serious charges.

Public Order Offence

Accused of a Public Order Offence?

The Public Order Act contains most offences involving behaviour which affects order in public places. There are a number of sections contained within the Act. Riot, Violent Disorder, Affray, Intentional Harassment, Alarm or Distress, Threatening, Abusive or Insulting Behaviour.

Drug related offence

Accused of Drug related offences?

Carr and Co Solicitors have a successful track record in defending charges relating to drug supply or drug possession involving Class A and/or Class B drugs – and offer clients facing charges for drugs offences robust criminal defence services to ensure the best possible outcome.

Sexual Offences

Accused of a Sexual Offence?

We understand that if you’ve been falsely accused of a crime it can have a devastating impact on your personal relationships and professional reputation. As experienced criminal law solicitors, we can help.

Theft and Robbery Offences

Accused of Theft and Robbery?

Carr and Co Solicitors advise on a range of offences from low value theft from shop, theft from motor vehicles, Taking without Consent (TWOC) , Aggravated TWOC, Theft in Breach of Trust, Theft in Dwelling, as well as more complex cases involving allegations of fraud or organised crime – as well as advising on Confiscation Orders under Section 2 of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Racially Aggravated Offences

Accused of a Racially Aggravated Offence?

Public order offences are increasingly charged using variations on the original offences which are ‘racially aggravated’. No two cases in criminal law are of course the same, but certain aspects of good defence preparation should be present with a properly experienced lawyer.

Need Criminal Defence Legal Advice?

Are the police contacting you to attend the police station for a chat? Unsure what to do? Have you received a Requisition or been charged to attend court for an offence you were interviewed about with no solicitor? Have you a friend, relative or child under arrest? Are the police looking for you? Have you concerns about any criminal matter or are unsure as to whether your problem is related to Criminal Law?. Contact us during office hours, via email or on our Emergency Mobile Number if it is outside office hours or at the weekend. We will answer you query straight away.